6 Weeks To Go – 6 Top Tips – Bike Shed Bianchi Team Manager

6 weeks out and 6 manager’s specials, things to consider now.

1. Bike; get it looked over, serviced and order in some brake pads and perhaps new bar tape. On a big, target event, you’ll be spitting nails if a mechanical issue gets the best of you. It’s surprising how psychologically uplifting new bar-tape for the big day can be.

2. Kit; work out what you’d like to wear in different riding conditions well in advance. Make sure you have mitts/gloves/gilet/armwarmers and pre-ride kit all in mind; do you need a casquette for under helmet if it rains? Check the ratchets and cleats on shoes too. Also, sun cream; it could be a long day out there, get protected, and if you sweat lots, get ‘no-tears’ kids factor 50, it won’t run into your eyes and sting for the last 20km!

3. Tyres; check now and be prepared to change for new rubber for your big day, again it is horrible to leave things to chance. Make sure your mini-pump/C02 canisters are working and ready to go too!

4. Practical things; how are you and your friends getting to HQ? Look at the logistics for the day and preceding days, don’t have a panic the day before.

5. Kit bag/mini tool kit, make sure you have one of each. Extras – wet wipes, buy some, they’re invaluable. Get some latex gloves or petrol station gloves, brilliant for the messier jobs, should you need to do something, clean hands are a must!

6. Prepare for misadventure! Are you happy in changing an inner tube/puncture? If not, don’t rely on others. Carry ID. The Smuggler is a hilly route, could be quite lonely at times so be prepared for what’s ahead, you’ll enjoy it way more.

Should you need any last minute kit, accessories or just some kind hearted advice, our partners at any of the Bike Shed stores will be happy to help.