Ahoy there Smugglers… 

We’ve added a cracking new 40 mile route that will follow the 50 & 80 mile rides out to Simonsbath. After a hot brew and filling your pockets with food it’s back to Barnstaple via Challacombe and Loxhore. A really fun ride home with loads of great downhill.

The Smuggler routes were born from wanting to showcase some of North Devon’s hidden tarmac gems, it’s about exploring some truly unique bits of road and having fun, with some great food and a few beers at the end thrown into the mix. Hopefully sending you home with a big smile.

The 50 & 80 mile routes are without doubt challenging, with a solid chunk of climbing, but also very achievable with some truly breathtaking stretches awaiting you. The Porlock and Lee Bay Tolls are right up there with the finest bits of cycling tarmac in the UK.


The 50 & 80 mile rides will have feedstations at Simonsbath & Lee Abbey (in an incredible spot above the beach). The 25 mile feedstation will be at The Railway Cafe in Bideford. 

Total ascent for each ride is:

80 mile – 2707m
50 mile – 1698m
40 mile  – 1214m
25 mile – 280m

As last year there will be the added twist of snagging contraband on the ‘booty climbs’ notching free beer & drinks from extra climbs and miles. Last year we gave out 138 FREE BEERS!! 

If anyone has any questions on anything to do with the routes just give us a shout.

Happy riding, see you on the road!




If you use Mapmyride click on ‘Add them as a friend.’ If not Google Maps below. 

The Smuggler: 80 Mile Route:

The Smuggler: 50 Mile Route:

The Smuggler: 40 Mile Route:

The Smuggler: 25 Mile Route:



25 MILE ROUTE:  25-Mile-Route

40 MILE ROUTE:  40-Mile-Route

50 MILE ROUTE:  50-Mile-Route

80 MILE ROUTE:  80-Mile-Route