The Tale of Two Tolls & few bits in between….

Here’s a few snaps Bike Shed took of the 50 & 80m rides, gives you a better what’s in store for you guys.

As we’ve said before the two toll roads are the major highlight, but in between there’s some incredible riding with what we reckon are some of the best stretches of road in the UK. Obviously we would say that though but the pics do a good job of backing our boast.

For any cycle geeks like us at Bike Shed, the Porlock Toll’s magical sweeping hairpins and smooth track should get the legs twitching in excitement and the fingers dancing towards the online entry button. ‘Pista Magica’ even! Just been out on the route made us want to jump on our bikes so that has to be a good sign!

Thank you so much to everyone that’s entered all ready, FORCE Cancer Charity and North Devon Hospice are truly grateful.

Happy riding Swashbucklers. Watch out for Customs!